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We are specializes in residential and commercial electrical wiring, installation, maintenance and repair. we offer interior rewiring for advanced homes. This includes home computer networks, security systems, and energy-saving devices. 

SeaTac Electrician
Electrician SeaTac WA
Commercial Electrical Services

Electrical wiring and installation for all Commercial use
Dedicated circuit installation
Direct/indirect lighting
Parking lot lighting installation
Services upgrade/panel change out

Electrician SeaTac
residential Electrical Services

Remodel, addition or new construction electrical work
Code compliance
Light/ceiling fan installation
Ground fault interrupt circuits
Fuse box upgrade

Legacy Electrician SeaTac WA

Storm season has arrived. The SeaTac will see heavy rain. There will be thunderstorm. Wind will be at high speed. You can expect power failure. This can remain for many hours. But life cannot stop. Business has to run. You need a plan. To manage in case of power failure. Your devices keeps you connected. Is your generator ready? If not, do not panic. We are here to help you. Electrician SeaTac is all set. Our experts are prepared. They know it is crucial time. You must get the lightings checked. The generator should be tested. You must get it repaired if not working.
Electrician SeaTac is a small family run business. We are the fourth generation electricians. All experts in the team have license. We are also covered by state insurance. You can see the license. It is difficult to find good electrician nowadays. New people are rude. They don’t know the work. But will tell you stories. They will make small problem look big. Will make you spend more. SeaTac Electrician treats you as family. Electrician SeaTac WA will not cheat you.
You must call SeaTac Electrician before storm time. We are experts of Home Standby Generators. Our team can repair it. If needed, we can install new generator also. We are dealers of major companies. You can buy at lower rates from us. This will prepare you. You will not run out of power.
The electric points near water should be safe. These are dangerous points. Water and electricity is bad pair. You must make sure your house and office are safe. All wires must ne underground. No damaged wired should be open. There must be breakers also. All this can be done by experts. To you all will look same. But only trained people can tell difference. Electrician SeaTac WA is the right choice. We can do analysis. There are no charges for it. Our expert will tell you the findings. We can give you quote. It will be valid for one month. You can decide any time before that.
Is money a problem? We have a solution for that too. There are many ways to pay us. You can pay by cash or card. Or make online transfer. Else give a cheque. SeaTac Electrician accept all. Do you have more questions? Ask our staff. Do not hesitate. They will be happy to help you. You are like family.

Electrician SeaTac

We can do other work also. Even if it a small task, Electrician SeaTac WA take. You can call us for repair or installations. Our experts can help you with below work:

  • Repair ceiling fan
  • Install fan
  • Change switch
  • Set up kitchen machines
  • Repair electric stove
  • Repair/install washing machine
  • Install solar panel
  • Repair AC
Power Quality Testing & Investigation   

24/7 Emergency Service Available

SeaTac Electrician

If there is anything outside this, do not hesitate. We take everything. But it is just that, we have not written all. Else, the list will grow big. You must contact us for any electrical work.
As we told you, we are family. In case of urgent work, do not panic. Just call us. We work 24X7. Our experts can come in minimum time. You will not pay extra for urgent work. Save our number. It is written at the bottom. Share with friends also. They may need it.
For us your safety is important. So SeaTac Electrician gives you guarantee. Service Guarantee. This is good for one year. Anything we repair once we give complete assurance. The parts we use, have guarantee of six months. SeaTac Electrician only use good quality products.
We are small business. We do not have to pay for big offices. So, we charge you less. Our rates are the lowest in SeaTac. You can compare. Get the quotes from different electricians. People will take more money from you. But their service is poor.
Electrician SeaTac WA is different. Our services are best. No one can beat us. We are punctual. Our expert will never keep you waiting. Electrician SeaTac WA take responsibility if our service. No one else does that. We come for all small and big work. This work is like genetic to us. Our all forefathers did that. And still we are doing this. But we have license also. Not every other player has.
You will not get all this at one place. That too in budget. Time is running out. Do not let storm trouble you. Be well prepared. You are smart. Always plan in advance.
The next thing you should do is: CALL US. We are waiting. Our experts want to help you. All we need is few details. Soon, an expert will be with you. There are no charges for analysis. Book an appointment now!!

Exterior Lighting & Electrical Testing
Maintenance & Routine Electrical Service
Outlet, Switch Fitting & Retrofitting
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